If you had 90 minutes to spend with a professional landscape designer, what would you ask them?

If you don’t know yet, that’s okay! Susie will offer helpful questions that you can answer.

Let’s Talk About Your Landscape Design!

In the first on-site consultation, you can discuss your dreams for your property. Let’s walk around your home and talk about what you need and what you want for your outdoors. How do you want to use this space? Do you enjoy entertaining your friends and family on the weekends? Do you want a quiet, secure backyard design for your children to play in on sunny days? Do you want a “Secret Garden” hideaway?

Next, let’s go over details. Will you be wanting to build a deck? Add a patio? Just do some front yard landscaping? Is there an unstable area that could use a retaining wall for added structure and safety? The architectural theme of your house will be noted, too, to ensure stylistic flow from front door to outdoor.

Beyond Beautiful Landscapes

Landscape design isn’t just about beautification--this is also a bonus opportunity to tackle pesky issues that happen outside. Are there drainage issues that need to be resolved? Let’s get it fixed! Is your neighbor’s dog continually running into your yard and leaving unwanted gifts on the lawn? Let’s build a sturdy fence and set some boundaries.

Another benefit of professional landscape services is that all necessary permits are taken care of for you. Your initial consultation is a good time to identify which parts of your project will require permits, ensuring complete compliance with city codes.

Garden Design Like a Pro

As you walk through your site, you will also get to discuss trees and plant life! You can choose which plants and trees you want to keep, which ones you want taken out, and discover which new plantings would add life and beauty to your yard. You will also learn expert horticultural care practices from an award-winning garden designer.

From front yard landscaping to backyard design, outdoor transformation is just one phone call away! Discover your home’s potential and schedule your first walk-through today.

This all-inclusive 90-minute consult is only $195 and will jumpstart your excitement and inspiration!

Susie did a wonderful job designing and installing a garden for the patio of my new town home, as well as selecting and installing a container garden for an upper balcony. She is a great listener and pays attention to the mood you want to create for your outdoor space. I have the odd situation of only being able to access the patio garden THROUGH the house - she was very respectful of my home... She was extremely easy to work with and faithfully kept appointments. Her husband came back to adjust my bubbler fountain at no extra charge, and she gave me some great recommendations for a patio heater (I nabbed an artsy-looking one off a website she helped me discover, at 60% off the regular price.) I also had a good experience with the contractor she recommended for the landscape lighting... I highly recommend Susie Landscape Designs! ” - Yelp Review

Creating a landscape that is respectful of the environment but also serves the needs of my client is a satisfying design journey.” - Susie Thompson, Susie’s Landscape Design