Limitless Possibilities in Landscape Design

Landscape design projects vary in size and complexity. Maybe you just want some simple backyard design planting plans, maybe you need customized retaining structures designed for a difficult, sloped site. There are many beautiful design options available for front yard landscaping, backyards, gardens, etc. When you are working outside, the sky is indeed the limit!

With Susie Landscape Designs, you will have access to recommended Seattle area vendors for plants, hardscape materials, garden accessories. You will also get connected to skilled artisans for any customized landscape elements.

Susie Landscape Designs - Seattle

Steps designed by Susie Landscape Designs - Seattle For intensive landscape design projects, any permits necessary will be obtained. All updates and modifications will comply with city codes and regulations, and that makes one less task for you.

Afterwards, follow-up consultations and resources will be provided to help maintain your new landscape. You put in all this work, let’s keep it looking great!

“So, How Do I Get Started With My Landscape Design?”

Susie Landscape Designs is thorough from start to finish.

  • The first step is an initial on-site meeting and consultation
  • Preliminary and conceptual plans will be presented for review
  • A final plan that includes all plantings, hardscape and other elements as well as construction details is provided
  • Bid documentation and review is next
  • Project management of the installation ensures a quality process that is stress-free for our client and yields a finished landscape that is their vision
  • Maintenance resources are available and she’ll follow-up at three-month, six-month and one-year intervals to make sure the landscape is successful

The First Step in Designing Your Landscape

Your first step is an on-site meeting and consultation. This is where the fun begins! A walk-through on your property will reveal important aspects for your project, such as house aesthetics, soil type, sun and shade spots (and where you want to minimize or maximize their effects). You can also discuss your own ideas and receive helpful insight for your landscape potential.

After that, preliminary and conceptual plans will be drawn. This is where all your dreaming and scheming come alive on paper. Communication is key here! Be willing to ask questions, make suggestions, and even disagree with an idea. This is your home; the more feedback you can give, the better your finished landscape will be.

Final plans will be presented based on the feedback provided. All hardscape elements and plantings will be included as well as constructions details.

Next comes the bid documentation. Bid documentation is where all your plans, services and estimates are assessed before finalization. Your budget is important and will be respected! This step will show how to maximize your project goals within your parameters.

Once that process is complete, your project officially begins! Now you can sit back and enjoy watching your dream landscape come to life. You can relax knowing all the details are being managed for you, since you were involved every step of the way.

After completion you will have follow-ups at three-month, six-month and one-year intervals to make sure the landscape stays at its finest.

Now that you know the process, what will you create?

Landscape Designer in Seattle

I seldom write reviews, but am making an exception in Susie Thompson's (of Susie Landscape Designs) case. I want to get the word out to everyone regarding the exceptional service I have received from Susie… I have to say that I am pleased beyond words at the results of her hard work and dedication. The yard is now a place of pleasure and pride in our house, and friends/ guests never fail to compliment us on how beautiful it looks... Bottom line, Susie (Landscape Designs) will be the right choice for anyone looking at a landscaping project... Her work is nothing short of perfection, and her service is always friendly and polite.
- Yelp Review